Texada Stickleback Group was formed in 2005 as specified of the Canadian Species At Risk Act to preserve and protect the stickleback species pairs of Texada Island. Our purposes as outlined in or BC society incorporation documents are:

  1. To oversee a program of conservation, education, communication, monitoring and research founded on community engagement, to ensure continued long-term persistence of stickleback species pairs through careful stewardship of the four lakes where sticklebacks occur on the island.
  2. To apply for external funding with which to carry out our projects, and to establish priorities among these projects.

Action Plan (pdf)

The Texada Stickleback Group consists of a wide range of people drawn from stakeholders and concerned parties - quarry representatives, forestry workers, landholders, naturalists, educational, researchers, water districts, sport fishers and the general population. We take a cooperative approach between these conserved parties to determine the best policies and actions for the maintenance and enhancement of stickleback species pairs.

To find out more about us and stickleback species pairs, please browse though this site or contact us.

Our plan is to have major new additions to the content of this site pretty well every month for the next year at least. So please come back and look again. If we do not have the stickleback content or links you want, please be sure to contact us and tell us your comments and any content you would like to see.

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