2004 Public Symposium Poster
2004 Public Symposium
2006 Public Symposium Poster
2006 Public Symposium

Our Third Tri-Annual
Texada Stickleback Symposium
March 27 and 28, 2010
Texada Island Community Hall
Gillies Bay
Open to Everyone

Saturday March 27th
   * 9:30 AM to noon: Workshop on
      Sport Fishing regulations
   * 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM: Presentations       - Conservation and research
Sunday March 28th: 9:30 AM
   * Lake and Stickleback Tours

Complete Schedule    Poster PDF

The work of the Texada Stickleback Group is founded on community engagement. So far we have run two major public symposiums and are continuously involved on the public and educational levels. Ou directors and membership include as many potential stakeholder representatives as is possible.

In the end, the only way to protect these rare and endangered species is through community involvement and understanding of sticklebacks and the risks to them.

Program for the 2006 Stickleback Symposium (pdf).

Road Sign - 2006 Symposium
Road Sign - 2006 Symposium
Paul Wood - 2006 Symposium
Paul Wood presenting
"A Wildlife Habitat Area for the Vananda Creek Sticklebacks"
2006 Symposium
Anna Greenwood - 2006 Symposium
Anna Greenwood presenting
"Stickleback behaviour: a fish-eye view"
2006 Public Symposium
Tiffany Malek - 2006 Symposium
Tiffany Malek presenting
"The Evolution of Male Color in Sticklebacks"
2006 Public Symposium