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Measuring pH of Lake Water

The Texada Stickleback Group regularly monitors the lakes for changes in several factors. This measure helps us identify potentially harmful changes and provides data for further research and decision making. All test data is accessable through our database Lake Test Data.

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Preparing Van Dorn for Sampling Deep Water

The factors we monitor are:

  • water clarity (secchi disk)
  • water color (secchi disk)
  • at surface and lake bottom:
    • pH
    • specific conductance (mS/cm)
    • total dissolved solids (ppm)
    • temperature (°C)
    • H2S (mg/l)
    • Turbidity
  • at 1 metre intervals:
    • 02 (mg/l)
    • temperature (°C)
  • general environmental conditions
  • any other observations made while on the lakes