Texada Stickleback Symposium 2010, March 27 & 28
as at:16-Mar-2010


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Day of Day What Where Time Time Who Topic Sub-topic
Saturday, Mar 27 Morning Sport
Texada Community
Gillies Bay
9:30 AM 11:30 AM Or noon Duane Jesson Fishing Regulations & What is Possible  
Iain Lunn
Jordan Rosenfeld Intro – Stickleback Importance  
Dave Opko Local Sport Fishing on stickleback lakes  
Sheldon Poulin
Afternoon Presentations Texada
Gillies Bay
1:00 PM 5:15 pm Tim Atwood Intro, TSG Projects, Web Site  
Michael Jackson Aquatic Plant Study & Nelson Island.  
Rowan Barrett Rapid evolution of cold tolerance in stickleback
Laura Southcott Habitat choice and reproductive isolation in Paxton Lake stickleback  
Kerry Marchinko The genetics of aging and lifespan in Paxton Lake sticklebacks  
Katie Peichel The antisocial stickleback: determining why Paxton Benthic sticklebacks don't go to school  
James Urton How sticklebacks determine sex, and Y you should care  
Gerrit Velema Killing the Mood: invasive signal crayfish disrupt reproductive behaviours of a threespine stickleback species pair.  
Dolph Schluter
The Quest for the Origin of Species: Texada Island Sticklebacks

I. The rapid origin of stickleback species (Dolph Schluter)
Gina Conte II. Discovering the genetics of speciation (Gina Conte)
Matt Arnegard III. Testing genetic parallelism and possible links to human genes (Matt Arnegard)
all Question & answer  
Sunday, Mar 28 Morning Lake Tours Texada
Gillies Bay
9:30 AM ?